Sunday, June 18, 2006

piercing with titanium grade 23

Piercemania TITANIUM: The human body is similar in terms of erosion conditions to that of an ocean. The CI- eon and Na+ eon that constitute electrolytes within a living human body tend to foster erosion conditions for metals. Therefore, titanium or titanium alloy is more recommendable than stainless steel or cobalt alloy as primary materials for medical devices for use in the human body since they will not erode even in ocean water.
There are a few reasons why titanium is considered the most appropriate material for medical use, and over other implant metals.
The very highest affinity with human tissue.
Commercial pure titanium and the titanium based alloy, Ti6AL-4V (known as Grade 5) and Ti6AL-4V ELi (known as Grade 23) have a higher degree of biocompatibility than other major medical implant metals.
The essential difference between Ti6AL-4V (Grade 5) and Ti6AL-4V ELI (Grade 23) is the reduction of oxygen content to 0.13% max in Grade 23.
Ti6AL-4V ELI (Grade 23) Used for medical implants since the mid 1950's
The main reason titanium has gained popularity is because it is non-toxic and poses no health risks since it has a great affinity for the conditions of a living human body.
Titanium is a chemically stable and does not get absorbed into the human body. In addition, it does not cause inflammation or toxicants when in contact with human skin.
Also, titanium is about 55% lighter in terms of weight compared to stainless steel, further contributing to its popularity.
All titanium supplied by Piercemania is certified to medical implant specification Ti6AL-4V ELi ASTM F136 and BS7252 Part 3 metallic material for implant use.
All titanium supplied by Piercemania has a nickel content below 0.05%, thus conforming to the European Directive 94/27/EC to avoid nickel sensitization. The average nickel content of titanium body jewelry supplied by Piercemania is 0.01%.
TITANIUM COLORS: All Piercemania titanium color products are made from the same Ti6AL-4V ELi ASTM F136 Grade 23 Titanium as our other titanium products but have been anodized using a computer controlled process to achieve their distinct finish by the formation of an adherent oxide film of controlled thickness / no pigment or other electroplated metals are involved that would compromise biocompatibility. Titanium can be changed into a number of vivid colors without the use of any dye, paint or varnish, the bright colors that appear are simply the result of natural light being refracted by the metal's surface. Some other metals can also be colored in this way, but the reactive "oxide" on the metal's surface (the layer that gives it the illusion of color) is far harder on titanium, so the color will last longer.
Colors will fade with time from friction, wear, but the actual metal does not change its color. keep in mind ,grade 23 titanium is safe ,non toxic and it won’t get absorb by the body.
Ask your supplier if your current color products are anodized on titanium G23 or surgical steel, you will be surprised of what you will find!!

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