Saturday, April 25, 2009

Clit or Miss The Rise of the Clitoris

The clitoris. To most of us men, it is a tiny organ that can produce either Earth-shattering orgasms for your woman if you know what you're can be the source of angst if you don't.

Biologically speaking, the clitoris is homologous to the penis in the male - the center of her libido, if you like. To get technical, describes the little man in the boat thus:

...The clitoris is a sexual organ in the body of female mammals. The visible knob-like portion is located near the anterior junction of the labia minora, above the opening of the vagina. Unlike the homologous male organ (the penis), the clitoris does not contain the distal portion of the urethra and functions solely to induce sexual pleasure...

Straight away I'd like to take exception to these words of wisdom right from sentence two. Visible portion!!! I have been with some women whose clits are anything but visible. There's a joke that the difference between clits and golf balls is that men will spend hours looking for golf balls. I gotta tell ya, even searching for hours for the love button can prove to be a fruitless exercise.

On the other hand - some clitorises are very visible indeed. Guys, if you strike a women with a visible clit, you are half-way to getting her off. The bigger the clit, the hornier the chick. That's been Dr Cam's experience anyway, even if there are some ladies out there claiming otherwise. Females with tangible and easily engorgeable clits tend to climax a lot quicker, more intensely, and sometimes in a multiple fashion.

Some of the benefits of living in the Era of the Clit, as I like to call the contemporary Western World are as follows:

* Pube shaving makes locating the clit much easier.

* Fashion crazes have led to something we never would have thought possible several years ago, i.e. brave lassies submitting their tender nether zones to impalement, piercing and various other forms of adornment. It is often claimed that these modifications make the clit more sensitive and chicks come more easily with bells and whistles hanging off their pussies. Fact or fiction - I don't care. It just looks hot! Unless it's overdone of course, then it's just stupid.

* Women will be more forthcoming in giving you traffic directions to Clit Central. If she has a small clitoris, she might say, higher, lower etc. until you hit the target.

* The fact that the clitoris has become central to women's sexual gratification is fantastic for those of us who like to dine at the Y. In other words, there's less chance of having to stick one's tongue in the vagina or, heaven forbid, accidentally come into contact with the urethera. Yuck! Unless you like that stale, pissy taste, of course.

There are, very sadly, some cultures in which clits are viewed as something ugly. So ugly and shameful, that the clit (and sometimes the labia as well) is removed surgically (i.e. female circumcision)! Anybody who condones this practice, or worse, carries it out, should be cast into the eternal flames of hell. It's taken generations for women to realize they are horny, sexual creatures, and taking the pleasure away to justify perverse cultural mores must be condemned in the most vigorous fashion.
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Cam used himself as a guinea pig on some of the raunchier personals sites, and now shares some of his experiences.