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Nick Piercing

The nick piercing seeks to find one of the highest points on the inside of the mouth, and then travels straight up under the skin and musculature and exits underneath the orbit of the eye. As with most new Piercings, the nick piercing gets its name from both the piercer (, Under the Needle, Seattle WA) and the first client (also called Nick) to publicize this piercing (June 2004).

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Monday, November 9, 2009

New Piercing Record

It seems like every time you turn around, someone is setting a new piercing record. Here's the latest: Marseilles man sets world record for piercings.

About three hours into the world record-setting event, 21-year-old Matt Robison sat still, piercings poking up and down his arm as one of his bigger tattoos, the red-inked phrase "Don't Ever Judge Me," faced toward onlookers...

Robison, an apprentice piercer at The Pit Studio in Ottawa, set a world record Saturday by getting pierced 1,016 times in one sitting.

And what did he have to say?

"I've been sitting so long, my vision is, like, blurry," he said.

(via A Welsh View)

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Ear and lip piercings of beauty girl

Brave Man: New Piercings

He braves to hurt his own face but it's kinds of art that each person has different hobby. To know various body piercings just see on blue letter:

Hand Piercing Face Piercing Body Piercing Finger Piercing Leg and Foot Piercing Ear Piercing Lip Piercing microdermal piercing Nose Piercing Chest Piercing Butt Piercing Tattoo Design

Cute Girl with tattoo art and body piercings

Beauty and sexy Girl with her Piercing on it

Black White image of girl that has Piercings on her sexy lip and beauty face

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Standard tongue piercing


By kuroi_okami

London is only two short weeks away now.
I'm really looking forward to wandering around in all the familiar wonderful streets, and take fun pics together with my sister in the photobooths at the gamblinghall near The London Eye and Big Ben.

Too bad it's yet another vacation with family, even though that's nice as well. I really do want a London-vacation on my own, with perhaps I couple of friends. Shopping, clubbing, relaxing, laughing. I want to celebrate my 20th b-day in London, that sounds like a lot of fun. Don't have to cost a lot of money either, could always cut down on the shopping this time. Eeep!
Silly me to get so excited over daydreams.

Still healing a bit, but it's starting to look very nice :)

Beginner's Guide to Body Piercings

Piercing T.L.C. - Aftercare Instructions

T.L.C. stands for tender loving care, and that is exactly what your new piercing is going to need. Slacking off on your aftercare or using harmful products will only prolong your discomfort and the healing process.

Most piercers will give you aftercare instructions, and the general rule of thumb would be to follow their advice. But I have found that about 60% of all customers allow this information to enter one ear and exit the other. Also, 47% of all piercing clients lose their paper aftercare instructions and blame it on their hungry dog. And then there is the 21% that go to a mall kiosk and get pierced with a gun, and then come here to learn they shouldn't have done that. For those of you in any of those groups, or if your piercer really didn't tell you how to care for your new piercing, here are my recommendations.

*Disclaimer* I do not claim to be a professional piercer. Not all aftercare methods are appropriate for all people, but I am recommending what I have found to be best after experiencing and caring for over 20 piercings.

General Piercing Aftercare

What You May Need:

  • Sea Salt
  • Anti-Bacterial or Antimicrobial Liquid Soap/Wash (Like Provon or Satin)
  • Cotton Balls
  • Cotton-tipped Swabs
  • Small disposable cups (2-4 ounces)
  • Paper towel or newly cleaned washcloth

Cleaning Your Piercing:
1. First, wash your hands thoroughly. Never touch your piercing or jewelry with dirty hands.
2. Saturate a cotton ball with warm water, and gently wipe away any "crusties" that have gathered around the piercing site. Throw the cotton ball away.
3. Apply a generous amount of liquid soap to your fingertip, and apply to the piercing site and jewelry. Make sure you get the soap everywhere, but rotating the jewelry is not necessary as long as you work the soap around the piercing and jewelry completely.
4. Rinse the piercing and jewelry several times with warm water, ensuring that all soap has been removed.
5. Dry your piercing with a clean paper towel and then dispose of it.

Cleaning Tips
  • Although it's a very antiquated method, some piercers will still tell you to rotate your jewelry. This is not wrong per say, but I have found that it causes more problems than it solves. Any crusties or bacteria still on the jewelry are then introduced inside the raw piercing when the jewelry is rotated. This can cause irritation or even infection. It's best to just clean the piercing and jewelry thoroughly without actually moving it.

  • Cloth towels, especially those that have been already used, can harbor germs and bacteria. This is why it is safest to use a disposable paper towel. Other single-use products such as gauze, napkins, etc. can also be used. If you must use a fabric cloth or towel, make sure it is clean from the laundry.
Acceptable Healing Aids and Products
  • Tea Tree Oil - This soothing liquid cools and refreshes an irritated piercing. Use only high quality tea tree oil that has been diluted with distilled water.
  • Emu Oil - A universal healing product that has been discovered to also produce exceptional results when healing a piercing.
  • H2Ocean - Although some would call it "glorified saline solution," most do report excellent healing results with this product.
  • Saline Solution - Less expensive and more readily available than most other products, saline solution is very effective in soothing and healing a new piercing. It's also an acceptable substitute for sea salt soaks.
Do NOT Use:
  • Hydrogen Peroxide - Hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria, but it also kills the white blood cells attempting to heal your piercing. It can cause irritation and lengthen overall healing time.
  • Rubbing Alcohol - Alcohol will dry the skin and irritate the raw piercing, which could actually lead to infection.
  • Glyoxide - This is a product that contains hydrogen peroxide and hinders healing rather than aiding it.
  • Ear Care Solution - Solutions that are provided by jewelry boutiques and department store piercers usually contain alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and other harmful chemicals that only aggravate a new piercing.
  • Ointments - Antibacterial ointments or similar products only clog pores and/or kill good cells trying to heal the piercing.

Sea Salt Soaks
1. Wash your hands thoroughly with liquid antibacterial or antimicrobial soap (Satin and Provon are best).
2. Place a pinch of sea salt in the bottom of a small disposable cup. About 1/8 teaspoon.
3. Add hot tap water - as hot as you can stand - to the salt. Use about 3 ounces of water - which is just over half-full in a 5 ounce cup.
4. If possible, invert the cup right over the piercing and allow it to stay there for 5 minutes. This usually works well for nipple and navel piercings. If you can't create a sufficient seal against the skin with the cup, then soak a cotton ball in the salt water solution and apply the cotton ball to the piercing. When it cools down, throw it away and place a newly saturated cotton ball on the piercing. Do this for 5 minutes. 5. Rinse the piercing with warm water and dry with a clean paper towel.

Soaking Tips
  • Only pure sea salt is to be used. Table salt, kosher salt, epsom salts, and iodized sea salts are not acceptable. Sea salt can be found in many grocery stores and almost all health food stores.
  • If you are not sure about the solution strength, put a dab on your finger and taste it with the tip of your tongue. It should be no saltier than a potato chip.
  • To aid in healing a new piercing, sea salt soaks once a day should be sufficient. If your piercing is irritated, increase sea salt soaks to 2-3 times per day until the irritation subsides.
  • If your piercing becomes irritated as a result of sea salt soaks, you are probably using either the wrong kind of salt or have made your solution too strong.

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How to Open Bottle wine With shoes

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Incredible Art of Tongue Piercing

The butt piercing! Okay let’s keep it clean here folks, this is at the top of the butt crack.

The Hand Piercing

There are lots of options for hand piercings, you can even get a piercing as an alternative wedding ring. A surface piercing on the side of the hand is definitely different – I like this symmetry of this one on both hands.

The Foot Piercing

It might be easier to get a foot piercing a little further up like this one – no worries about your shoes getting in the way ;)

The Leg Piercing

Speaking of corsets, here’s one I hadn’t seen before – the leg corset. This one must take a lot of care to make sure it doesn’t catch on anything, since the legs are what moves us around.

The Chest Piercing

From a simple barbell to a full-on corset, chest piercings have gone far beyond the nipple.

Sternum Piercing

Sternum Piercing

While the corset on the back has been getting more and more popular, it’s not seen as much on the chest.

Chest Corset

Chest Corset

A little bit higher on the chest, the collarbone piercing is more beautiful and more permanent than any old necklace.

Microdermal Piercing – An Exciting New Trend In Body Piercing!

Microdermal Piercing

Microdermal piercings are permanent body piercings. You will also hear them referred to as dermal anchoring or microdermal implants.

Microdermals look pleasing and aesthetic and are rapidly becoming very popular. They are considered a cool alternative to surface body piercing because they are permanent. They are quick and convenient.

The technique and size is also so easy that you can have it done practically anywhere on your body. No special tools are required and the procedure is less invasive than an implant. The process is also more comfortable compared to the transdermal or sub dermal implants.

What Does The Process Of Microdermal Piercing Involve?

This basically involves a single piercing on the body where only the one part of the jewelry is visible on the skin’s surface. The other part is just under the skin, held in place by a titanium plate, which has many holes in it so that the tissue may grow through it, nicely anchoring your jewelry. To avoid any risks of rejection steel is usually not used.

The piercer usually cleans and marks the area to be pierced. The part to be pierced is pinched up and a 1.5 dermal punch is deftly inserted into the skin, straight down. After the hole is made, the piercer fixes the microdermal quickly. The whole thing barely takes an hour right from the time you arrive at the piercer to the time you are through! ;-)

Even though the titanium plate stays under your skin once you get the microdermal piercing done, you can change the visible part of this jewelry after a couple of months.

What Jewelry Can You Wear?

You will find a variety of jewelry to suit this type of body piercing ranging from acrylic, gemstones and plenty more although titanium is the most advisable.

You need to be over eighteen and have a photo id to get a microdermal.

As with any body piercing, once the microdermal is done, your piercer will give you the appropriate care instructions. In spite of being a new kind of body piercing many people are going in for microdermals. Rejection of the piercing is quite rare when done properly. Healing takes approximately one to three months depending on the individual getting pierced.

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Wow this is incredible face. She makes her face is like Lion,Doesn't she???

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That man is Alien???? no, he isn't. He makes his face as place of art. Piercing becomes a hobby to make a beautiful art. Not all people dare to like this man because to do this must have strong intention. So, we will not be afraid.

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