Sunday, June 18, 2006

Medproflex medical plastics by

Piercemania Medproflex:MEDPROFLEX: Hypoallergenic medical material (Polymer Medical Flexible Plastic). It is a new development in body jewelry being the most versatile choice. Statement of compliance to regulations of medical use; Product fulfils the requirements on materials used for articles or components of articles intended for medical use as described in: USA: The product has passed the Class VI tests (Bio-compatibility) of the United States Pharmacopoeia XXIV and has been assigned the FDA Drug Master File. Council of Europe: European Pharmacopoeia, 3rd edition (1997), and Supplement 2001,Monograph 3.2.2 - Can be used for initial piercings. - People getting pierced with Medproflex have less swellings and infections. - The healing process with Medproflex is faster than with other materials. There is no temperature difference between the open wound and the Medproflex (like with metal). - No risk of rejection. It reduces the changes of allergic reactions to almost zero (no nickel content). - Flexible and extremely light weight, which ensures ease of comfort and wear while remaining durable. - The color is transparent; you can use Medproflex for initial piercing and to hide it if you need to! All in one item. - Medproflex has an edge on the different uses to the need. What is important, we find is the knowledge of the piercer and creativity to choose the correct type for each piercing (it had to be safe and we had to be able to sterilize it). Types and use: 1. The round ball end bar, best choice for initial tongue piercing if the piercer technique is from bottom to top. The reason being that a fresh piercing is more sensitive at the ball end allow a soft contact on the piercing and do not block any body fluid at the base. Tongue Items come at a 7/8 free size (Imperial System), allowing you extra length in a fresh piercing. Then as the swelling reduces, you can reduce the length. All you need is a pair of scissor to reduce the length as it will self thread by any metal ball closure. 2. The half ball end bar, it is more a fashion mold like a regular "No see um", hide the piercing, unhide it by just a flip over, and protect your gum or teeth while in sport.(Tongue Piercing) 3. The erotic half ball end, let's leave this design to your imagination. (Tongue Piercing) 4. The Retainer flat disc end bar, we really fix a problem from the old fashion acrylic retainer. It is flexible unlike old fashion acrylic retainers likely to break, snap, or crack. Second reason, the material will self thread with any standard 1.6mm metal surgical ball. (NO more O-ring). Mostly used for: Tongue piercing, labret piercing, cheeck piercing, ear piercing. 5. Medproflex navel jewelry advantages over surgical steel: It is hygienic and easy to keep clean. It has a smooth slippery surface, even when it is dry. Therefore easy to move and clean in the piercing. Unlike metal bars, it has an almost zero co-efficient of conductivity. It can be worn comfortably and safely in direct strong sunlight without the sun's heat being conducted to the subcutaneous tissues surrounding the piercing. Healing is not inhibited, and there is no risk of heat damage to healed tissue. You can now enjoy the sunshine. Won't lose its original shape, snag or stretch the piercing wound, thus assisting to quicker and safer healing. 6. -Nose screws retainers 18g (monroe and nostril piercings) - Medproflex can be sterilized by autoclave going above 136 degree Celsius (peaks up to 145) without melting. It will definitely start melting at 170 degree Celsius, might start a bit before depending on conditioning. - Should not be "hot air Sterilized". Hot air is not the proper way to sterilize (old fashion way to sterilize surgical steel clamps) and NO PLASTIC is given to be sterilized by Hot Air

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